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Gele is the tiara of a West African women. It is the crowning moment that completes her traditional attire and must not be taken lightly. Not only can a Gele be worn by a bride on her wedding day, it can be worn by her guests.

However, often times wedding guests love to follow the latest gele trends forgetting about what suit the shape of their faces.

Ranging in many shapes, sizes, fabrics and colours there are endless possibilities on how to wear your gele. However, one important thing you need to consider when wearing your crowning glory is your face shape.

To help you in being the fabulous and gorgeous wedding guest at your next owambe, here are tips to guide you when tying your next gele to suit your face shape…

  • Round face shape

Avoid wearing your gele in a round shape. Balance your face shape and opt for big and beautiful! Asymmetrical shapes worn at an angle will compliment your features

  • Heart face shape

Typically characterized by wide cheekbones, a wide forehead and pointy chin. You can pretty much wear any style. Experiment, as the possibilities are endless!

  • Long face shape

Wear a gele style that is ‘round’ as this will give a soft look. Avoid long styles as this will only elongate your face.

  • Triangle face shape

Once again the possibilities are quite endless. However, remember to avoid styles that have crowns and that are narrower than your cheekbones.

  • Square face shape

A gele with a slight tilt or constructed at an angle will balance the broadness of your chin. Avoid sharp points at top of gele.

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