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The quest for getting original virgin human hair extensions is on. All because, as you know, they are durable and long lasting compared to the synthetic hair. The curls or tassels of original virgin hair are known to be intact all through usage of the hair, interestingly you can also decide to change the curls according to your taste. But this can only happen with original virgin hair not the synthetic hair. And we are often faced with the problem of trying to get the original hair extensions.  Sincerely,  I have fallen a victim to fake hair extensions, when I was told it was original hair and I know I haven’t been the only victim of this fast game. I know we don’t want a situation where we pay the price for an original hair extension and get the fake synthetic (that will surely affect our pockets).



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Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between original virgin hair and the fake hair extensions

  • Firstly, research on the type of hair extensions you want to buy. Compare and contrast with other hair extension products. Try to read all the information you can get on the product; does it shed or not, can a comb run through it, thickness or thinness. Also check the pricing of the hair extensions, if it’s unreasonably cheap then that’s obviously not human virgin hair. I am saying you should go for the unreasonably high prices but at least the prices should be relatively reasonable.
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  • Another way to check if your human hair extensions are original virgin hair or fake is to do a smoke test. Set a little tip of the hair on fire (please just a small tip not the whole hair) and check for how it burns. If it’s turn to ashes, then you’ve gotten yourself original virgin hair extension but if it’s a sticky substance that hardens when cool, I am sorry but that’s fake and synthetic hair extensions.
  • Adding water to your natural hair detangle it likewise for original virgin human hair extensions. When adding water to your hair, you realised that it just tangles up and you can’t comb it, you’ve got yourself fake or synthetic hair extensions.


  • Colour is another way to tell. Virgin human hair extensions comes in natural colors, so you probably want it in its original form and can then decide whether to dye, perm or relax as you so desire. Original virgin hair forms the baseline for hair processing to whatever colour or texture you so desire.


Hey guys, I hope I’ve been helpful. How do you differentiate the original and fake virgin hair extensions, feel free to share it with us in the comment box and let’s all learn.

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