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The number one prayer when we are getting tickets to board a plane is not to get the middle seat, but many times that doesn’t work out as we plan, so the question how to survive the middle seat on an airplane? is one that a lot of people can relate to especially those who are travelling transatlantic or intercontinental.

So what if you are placed in the middle seat of the plane, what exactly can you do? you can try to change seats and if that doesn’t work out try the following:


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1. Board as early as possible, this way you don’t get to maneuver your luggage while your seats mate are already seated, because then it would be a pain for you and annoying to your seat mates. So once you get there early  you can settle down with ease.

2. For tall passengers who are stuck in the middle seat, a knee-defender pack is ideal, although this might not be the politest way to survive the middle seat, its also the best way to avoid leg cramps.

3. Etiquette says you get both armrest as a middle seat occupant, therefore claim the arm rest and mark your territory by placing your arms on them as soon as you are seated.

4. Prepare worthy gadgets like a noise-cancelling head phones which would keep the noise of a screaming baby and chatty neighbor out.

5. Be productive by reading a book, carry a good reading material whether on your tab or a paper back novel, this would help you tune out the fact that you are indeed stuck in the some what cramped middle seat.

6. Although a bathroom break is inevitable for long flights, there is nothing as annoying as taking one just 10 minutes into the flight. so simple take a quick one before you board the plane.

7. Once on a long flight not being able to sleep can be rather annoying so there are two things you can do, 1 being making use of your table tray by placing your pillow or blanket on it. Also you can get a neck pillow or inflatable pillow before you board.

8. Finally take a deep breath and make friends with your neighbors who knows they might be interesting and interested in your jokes and conversation as well and if they are not…

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How to survive the middle seat on an airplane, do you have any other idea’s or some funny experience you would love to share with us? just leave your comments in the comment box below.

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