How to style up your Dashiki


For those that don’t know what a dashiki is, let me give you a brief explanation. It is a colorful garment that is worn by men and women in West Africa mostly. I said ‘mostly’ because now it’s globally worn by different people of different walks of life. It is usually loose-fitted, has an ornate V-shaped collar and an embroidered neck and sleeve line.

When it comes to the dashiki, there are a few tricks to rocking this piece anywhere and anytime
So here are a few picture ideas on how to stay trendy with dashiki.
Wear it simple, wear a dashiki dress.





Hello World

Dashiki and shorts, this is my favorite.

danshiki love
Dashiki and skinnies jeans, for those who have them straight and structured legs. (Jealous much).



It can also be sewn into more style options we are familiar with such as maxi dresses, skirts, crop tops, with a blazer etc.
When it comes to fashion, just be unique: The importance of being you own unique self can never be over-emphasized except if you just really not that fashiony, that’s why you got us. Still the essence of fashion and style is to do what makes you comfortable so make sure you bring your own personal style into your wardrobe to reflect your own image.



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