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Am on my way to becoming a naturalista, just need some time before My big chop and somehow I stumbled on this video from chicnatural on Youtube. She’s one of my favorite YouTube beauty Vlogger because she just makes hair making seem so easy, her video’s are something anyone can follow (I once made a fabulous wig from watching one of her videos).

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Hello World


Now as a naturalista, there are days when the curls wouldn’t cut it for you. I know there are campaigns where they say embrace your curls it is who you are and all that, I get it but in truth if we all cared to embrace our natural face we wouldn’t be wearing any makeup. Basically the point I am out to make is that, we should forget about all this #beblackcampaign for a second and face reality. There are many realities but one of the realities is that about 70% of black women who have natural coils wake up some morning thinking of how they would straighten their fro’s because at that point they want to try something different.

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There is no pleasure as great as looking different every time, its fun and its exciting so if you are a naturalista then this is how to straighten your natural hair without the use of relaxer or any of such chemical products.

What you need;

  • Aphogee Keratin Green Tea Restructurizer
  • One & Only Argan Oil
  • Ecostyler Gel
  • Aussie Hair Insurance Heat Protector
  • CHI Air Flat Iron

Watch this video from chicnatural and see how she shows  you how to straighten your natural hair’

See, its not as hard as you thought it would be, now its time to practice what you’ve learnt. What do you think of this tutorial video? Hit or Miss? Let us know in the comment box below.

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