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I’ve recently discovered that plaiting your hair in a protective hairstyle (cornrows precisely) for a long period would not stop it from breaking, you have to constantly treat it and nourish it. Preventing breakage is really important you don’t want all your hair to fall off rather you want a strong and healthy hair, when your hair breaks it becomes weak and it results to shaft, split ends and shortening of hair.


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Now the dry season doesn’t help matters sometimes because it drys out the stems and leaves your hair coarse and brittle. To prevent this from happening then you have to reduce stressors especially during this dry season. There are certain routine that you could follow that would make your hair healthy vibrant and break-free. Here is how to stop your hair from breaking this dry season;

  • As usual it is important to reduce and stop using things that would cause your hair to break off, like minimizing the amount of heat you use on your hair. If you must use a blow dryer then make sure all the excess water is out of your hair and make sure the dryer is 8 inches away fro your hair.
  • Now you have to decrease the amount of perming , relaxing you do on your hair. also if you want to color your hair I suggest you leave that for later because if you do it during this dry season you would leave your brittle.
  • Now its either you braid your hair or add on weave to protect your hair from dirt and sun. also avoid chlorine because it would cause your hair to itch and then produce flakes.
  • Ponytail hairstyle would not be an ideal look for you this season because it exposes your hair and the fact that you pull back your hair tightly causes a strain.
  • Use shampoo that does not have harsh chemicals, look for products that have herbal or natural ingredients. also use conditioner that has vitamin E, this would strengthen your hair. Remember to moisturize your hair also use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, use protein to prevent breakage.
  • Remember to deep condition your hair once a week if your hair isn’t in a protective style and also trim your hair to get rid of the damaged ends. Pre-treat your hair before perming or relaxing.

This is how to stop your hair from breaking this dry season, make sure you follow this regimen diligently. If you have any questions simply leave them in the comment box below.

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