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I learnt to shape, shave and draw my eyebrows myself and so can you all you need to do is follow the step and practice. Eyebrows grooming isn’t something to be lazy or scared of; many people are scared of cutting themselves i won’t say you won’t but that should not stop you from learning and doing it on your own.

Now usually I use a blade to achieve my eyebrows grooming but some people can tweeze on their own while others stick to plucking or waxing; all very painful but not to scare you the easiest way to learn is by using blade. Now you can either line your brows lightly with a bright colored preferable white pencil liner or you can trust your own judgement like i did and just go with the flow.

Before you attempt to shave your eyebrows yourself make sure you know how to draw them properly because who knows you might just end u shaving them all of Lol, but am sure that won’t happen so this video would literally show you how to shave your brows yourself, Make sure to follow the tutorials correctly;
What you’ll need:
This video is for those who have light eyebrows that were once shaped but now they are growing out, so you simply want to tream them

This video is for those who have really thick eyebrows and want to trim them on their own.

I hope you guys learn from the video, leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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