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Your adorable baby girl does different things at this stage; probably loves kids’ noodles, hates the dark, adores playing “mummy”, is pretty ticklish  and can usually be found playing dress-up or creating dialogue between two of her favourite dollies, but her true addiction is to skirts.

Yes! She loves them and hates to go anywhere without one. She obviously loves the yuppie ones that are as lovely as wearing a pair of trousers, not some frustrating types. She would probably slump over in utter disappointment if you told her all of her skirts are dirty on a special day.

Little girls like fancy things, they love to play dress up and it is your duty as a mum to make sure that your little baby girl has a style that you and her would both be proud of.

One style that we think your little girl would love is the Tiered Skirt… A tiered skirt is a skirt with single or multiple flared hemline, it is girly and cute and your baby girl would surely love it.

As you know, we believe everybody especially mothers ought to be crafty and so we’ve brought you a video tutorial to show you how to hand sew a tiered skirt. It may seem like complex sewing projects, but it is easier to make than you might think.

You don’t need patterns to sew this piece, all you need is a bright colored and playful fabric. Try making a tiered skirt for your kid [as that unique gift from mum to daughter].

Here’s the kiddies tiered skirt you should make;

Tiered skirt

Hello World

Materials needed for your kiddies tiered skirt are;

  • Fabric
  • A pair of scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing machine
 Watch this video on how to sew a tired skirt for your kid;


Source: Nedoux Sews


So you see? Making the tiered skirt isn’t as difficult as you think!

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