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I’m one person that got a problem with lint especially on my black clothes. I just look at the clothes and I realised short and fine white fibres scattered on the clothes, that’s the moment I remember washing my black clothes with some other clothes that sheds. Anyways that’s for me but for you, it could be just any cloth that sheds and keep shedding on other clothes any time you wear them together or wash them together. Even though, lint has greater importance to humans but definitely not when it’s being shed on another cloth. Life has also been made easier for removing it from clothes by the use of lint roller or brush but what happens when these two items can’t be found? We’ve got the right DIY to remove lint just for you at times like this and with no adverse effect on your clothes, keep scrolling…


Hello World

What you need is just your hands and a sink

How to go about it is very simple and effective. Wash your hands in warm water and then dry them but not to completion. With your hands still a bit moist, run it across the cloth. The lint comes off and stick to your hands which can promptly wash off. The water on your hands helps to grip it away from the clothes…It’s as simple as that.


Your clothes is fresh and neat again.

I hope we’ve been helpful with this tip? what other way do you remove lint from your clothes with no adverse effect? Share with us in the comment box

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