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The idea for this article came up when there was a discussion among the team, You see; I just got a set of rings delivered and I was super excited about them so I wore them and was flaunting them around when OL said he was out with a girl once and she tried to remove her rings but it was stuck, so apparently the girl probably spent 20 sum minutes trying to get it off which if you’ve been in that situation before is frustrating and annoying. This situation can happen to anyone not just once but more times than you would know, simply imagine rocking those awesome looking stack of rings that everyone seems to be eyeing and complimenting and of cause you are glowing (like who doesn’t glow when they are complimented?) well that is until you are home and then your attempt to remove this gorgeous babies fails because they are stuck (along the line at some point in the day your hands just decided to swell) now this is the PANIC! moment because of cause after tugging and pulling you begin to wonder if they would have to cut off your fingers lol(not funny tho), anyways here’s the deal,there is no need to panic because all you need is


Hello World

A hard surface cleaner like a bottle of Windex, Morning fresh, Mama Lemon or one of those light surface cleaners

What you need to do: Simply spritz a generous amount (and I mean generous) of the hard surface cleaner on your finger and the ring will simply slide of your wrist. Well it serves as a lubricant and it also has properties that subtly shrink the skin.

See no need for tugging or pulling because this trick is how to remove a stubborn ring,  you can also use olive oil or soapy water as a lube

This is how to remove a stubborn ring guys, what do you think about this tips Hit or Miss? Leave your comments in the comment section, we would love to hear your views you probably have a lot more hacks to share.

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