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So this morning my friend walks up to me and hands me a cute top that’s made with the loveliest fabric and then she says to try it on, why? Because as it turns out she got the tailored top from an online shop, gave them her measurements and everything and they got it all wrong, It doesn’t fit. Now not that I like being a Nay-Sayer or anything like that, my problem with online shops is that they offer tailored services but the mostly never tailor to fit, there are only a handful of reputable one’s and as much as I would love to patronise these stores from a distance it’s always a problem because these Items are not cheap and most times are non-returnable like the case of my friend.

Anyways I’ve decided to share with you some amazing tips on how to get your perfect size from an online African (Ankara) print store – yea, cause it’s harder to get from African (Ankara) print focused stores than it is to get from Asos & BooHoo or Fashionnova.

Tips on how to get the best from an online store that sells (Ankara) prints…

1. You see a lovely piece first you have to check the number of followers this page has or at least the comment section to see if they have comments from people who have purchased from them before. Note that you just don’t go checking one photo’s comment session, check as many as you can.

2. Check if this is actually a reputable store, in many cases a reputable store would have bloggers/influencers modelling it’s outfit or have modeled its outfit in the past.

3. If you are in Nigeria, check if they have an accessible off-line shop. This depends on your location and the location of the shop. Also be aware of the refund policy.

4. You have to be ready to re-tailor that piece if you are ordering from stores that in the UK or Us or perhaps in countries far away from you.

5. Check out for reviews on the store’s customer service.

Here’s a guide-book that contains the list of some store’s in Nigeria that are reputable and have good customer service. These stores also don’t have terribly expensive pieces and their designs aren’t all bad, in short some look great…

Ankara Purchase | Guide Book

Omoge Creation

Bisola Aiyeola in Omoge Creation

Hello World

Jayke’s Closet

Jayke in Jayke Closet

SGTC by Détóké

Adetoke in SGTC by Detoke

RhonkeFella Collection

TG Jonah in Rhonkefella Collection

House of Nini 

Nini in House Of Nini

Accost Collection

Kie Kie In Accost Collection

Cutties & Sparkus

Lindi Sparkus In Cutties & Sparkus

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