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Lets face it: there are some styles that are really hard to pull off when it comes to your work outfits. I find that many times when we try to pull off something that is not really our style, we tend to miss it, so much that we might end up at the Hr’s office for dressing poorly.

Today, we would walk you through the trickier work outfit trends so that your fashion choices for work becomes less of a hurdle:

Colour Blocking

Color blocking on its own is a hard feat, pulling it off to work is even harder; rock colorful pieces in ways that wouldn’t be blinding to you and those around you… see example-


Hello World

Pajamas Trend 

The pajamas trend isn’t going anywhere soon, however how do you get it to work? There are so many pajamas styled pieces that you can wear to work however make sure the colors aren’t all over the place.


Unconventional Suit 

Power suit can be powerful all you need is something different… Note however that when you are going for an unconventional suit the colors must be solid.



Ankara were once a taboo for work but not anymore, this time you can rock it to work and no one would be the wiser, take this look here as an example. The skirt cut is a very corporate style, and mixed with this work wear blouse makes this a good look for Wednesday.


Bold Details 

Plain and bland don’t work well together, something has to pop but how do you were a detailed outfit to work? While its okay to be extra with your looks if you are heading to a arty, for work the art of blending down is an advantage. Tone down your extra loud pieces with something on the plain side.


Wide Leg-Pants

This has to be my favorite look of the lot and its perfect for Fridays why, when paired with a blazer this look is truly professional but without the blazer its a look you can wear after work if you have a dinner party to attend.


This is how to pull off the trickiest work outfit… Tell us what you learnt in the comment section below.

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