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You know those days when you just eat so much because there is so much food around you and you just want it all in your mouth, not all at once of course but in little bits and after stuffing so much in your mouth your stomach feels so tight and you can’t sit or stand up right, this means you are bloated. Bloating is a swelling around the abdominal region making the stomach tight and sometimes painful, it also involves stomach growling and gassing out but you can prevent bloating by the doing the following;


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  • Stomach bloating won’t be solved by drinking too much water but eating fruits like watermelon and pineapple (cantaloupe as well) can help solve this problem because of their sodium, potassium level.
  • Sipping water slowly all day rather than chugging (not drinking water for a while and just drinking so much all at once) it all at once is the best way to prevent stomach bloating.
  • Eating smaller potions of food rather than eating a lot at once, eat healthy snacks to prevent in between meals craving.
  • Mindless chewing of gum causes bubbles which floats down and can cause bloating so instead suck on sugar free peppermints.
  • Black coffee helps to prevent stomach bloating, effectively reducing the puffiness.
  • Cranberry juice helps you to let go of a lot of things, yep its a good tip for happy hour.
  • Its so good to circulate when you are bloated, this would help reduce the pressure.

This tips should help you prevent stomach bloating, what do you think? Leave your comments in the comment box below. 

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