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A lot of us are so used to red and white meat that we forget to go for a healthier source of protein. Usually, we derive our protein from various sources, but there are sources which are easier to get, and are less expensive. One of this is the fish.

Although some persons may complain that the boiled or fried fish is generally so boring, even down to fresh fish pepper soup, but there are absolutely other beautiful and tastier ways you can eat your fish. One of them is turning it into a beer battered fish. Well, what is this all about?

The batter is a mix of flour and cornstarch, which comes out crisp and remarkably un-greasy. A nice English ale is the preferred beer of choice, though I imagine any good lager would work, too. Of course, it helps to have a nice fillet underneath. The fish becomes tender and flaky, and some malt vinegar would add a nice bite.

Beer battered fish

Beer battered fish

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 This is a great beer batter fish recipe, and is very easy to do. Yummy and great! Battered fish is much better but Beer Battered Fish is the best!

Here are the ingredients needed for your beer battered fish;

  • Fish
  • Beer
  • Plain flour
  • Seasoning
  • Onion bulb
  • Vegetable oil
Here’s a video to guide you;
Source: All Nigerian Recipes
This recipe needs no long talk, just go and make it then send me a feedback. That’s how sure I am that you will love it. I’m one hundred percent sure that you would love every part of it!
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