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There’s the need to follow rules and guidelines at least that’s what plus size women have been hearing all their lives. The crazy part is the fact that these words have been embedded deep into the minds of many plus size women and I know this since I have plus size friends who are ridiculously self conscious.

This friends of mine are not risk takers, they don’t even want to go the extra mile. They just tend to stick to what they know best and what they know best isn’t good for them. Thankfully I was able to convince some and they tried out fresh styles without restrictions lets just say I did a good job.

If you are a plus size woman out there you should know that your style is not as limited as you think. Just like every other shape in the books dressing up requires you to emphasize the assets you love and de-emphasize the one’s you are not comfortable with. And if you are comfortable with all your assets then go ahead, pronounce them confidently.

The most important thing to note here when dressing up is your body shape. Each and everyone of us, plus size or not have different body shape this means we have to figure out the shape we have to be apple to dress properly. Once you know what body shape you are, you are one step to getting your balanced look.

There are so many styling tips out there but being able to balance your silhouette, having the knowledge to make pieces suit you is the foremost. For inspiration on what would suit your shape and for the type of clothes you should have as a plus size woman, here are styles you can be inspired by:


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