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A lot can be said about the Eastern part of Nigeria. People from this place have a way of making themselves happy in so many ways. It could be through their dressing, food, and other aspects of life. On the aspect of food, there are lots of them and trust me, virtually all of them are delicious.

On this day, we are dealing with one of the Eastern Nigerian delicacy where there are varieties f food like the African salad, the African breadfruit also known as ukwa, and many others. Our main focus is on the African breadfruit porridge. This popular Igbo delicacy called the African breadfruit is one of the popular foods in Eatern Nigeria that could easily pass for a good lunch.

The botanical name for Nigeria ukwa is Treculia Africana. The seeds are simply shelled, washed and cooked with crystal soda (akanwu) and water till it is soft enough for consumption. It is eaten like that by the Igbos, which is one of the simple and most popular ukwa recipes.

African Breadfruit

African Breadfruit Porridge

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African breadfruit is in a food class of its own, although the breadfruit seeds are most similar to beans. Breadfruit is such a versatile food with a natural delicious flavour. It can be cooked plain without any ingredient, not even salt and it will taste great especially when prepared with fresh Ukwa. It can be roasted and eaten with coconut or palm kernel. It can also be prepared as a porridge which is what this post is about.

To prepare this special delicacy, you need the following ingredients;

  • African Breadfruit
  • Dry fish
  • Stock cubes
  • Edible potash
  • Palm oil
  • Fresh bitter leaves
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • White Puna yam
  • Corn, maize or sweet corn
Here’s a video to guide you on how to prepare the African breadfruit porridge;
 Source: All Nigerian Recipes
Preparing your tasty African breadfruit porridge is that easy. You’d like i even if you are eating it for the first time!


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