How to make heads Turn at a Wedding in Nigeria


This rules applies to someone that is looking to attend a wedding in Nigeria and looking for what to wear!

Aspa fine girl I am sure you have been invited to wedding sometimes but you are not sure exactly what to wear


Well have no fear, the fashion police would give you some tips on what to do and what not. But first it largely depends on your chioce, it could be formal or informal.

In general, am sure you would have paid for asoebi(or you man paid for you hehe) so  you’ll want to rock a style you have sown with the wedding’s. It could be Asoebi or sometimes it could simply be a dress  ( any colour goes except for white…we dont want to look exactly like the wife na)

Here are some of the things you should/shouldn’t do

1. Don’t worry about wearing the same colours as the bridesmaids or mothers.

2. Don’t wear unnecessary heavy makeup, it wont work!

3. Do wear something feminine and appropriate,

4. Please don’t dress too shabby, remember that some mothers and fathers would be there!

5. Even at a casual wedding, use good judgement when it comes to getting dressed. Casual can mean a pretty sundress (like for a coastal or beach wedding

6 Dont go home with a guy!. C’mon

7. Wear the highest heels you have got(lol…..I am a shoe fetish sha)
In any case, look at some the things acceptable in a Nigerian wedding!






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