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Rings are known to be accessories of beautification of the fingers. Though the type of ring you choose will determine if it is an accessory to make look more sleek or it is meant to perform another function other than the stated. Knuckle rings are solely for accessorizing your outfit, they come in varying lovely designs  and I must say that they do make the finger(s) look nice and presentable.

Whether you choose to buy or make one for yourself, knuckle rings are lovely accessories that would look nice on you at any time. I personally can’t do without knuckle rings, I just love the fact that they make my fingers attractive and nice. Knuckle rings give people that impression that you put in effort into making yourself look nice, and then your fingers were not left behind.


Hello World

Are you looking for fashionable knuckle rings you can make for yourself, then you might want to try this lovely yet simple designs…all made by yourself.

You will need..

  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Any round object (preferably the size of the finger)

Watch the video below on how to make knuckle rings:

VIDEO SOURCE: itsnellylospe

Knuckle rings are great accessory that you should rock, they make your fingers sparkle and your look in general sleek. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it makes it easier to pick the one that suit you.

Would you make any of these rings for yourself? Share with us in the comment box.

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