Storing your clothes properly would help them look great and last long, the question is how can you make sure your clothes are properly cared for and stored? there are some things that might sound extreme but they would make your outfit last much longer. Here are some ways you can protect your clothing.



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1. Denim

Some experts have said you shouldn’t wash your jean Ever ,now that’s an extreme move because sometimes you can’t help it. instead of not washing it Ever, you could wear it at least 5 times before you finally wash it. remember to always wash your newly purchased jean before wearing it, this way you get rid of residual dye. For storage, fold them or hang them and keep them in a dry area so they don’t get damp. Also if you have not worn them for a while always air dry them to get rid of stale smell.

2. Leather

Maintain your real leather by washing them with a mild soap focusing on marks and scuffs, hand wash them and hang dry. Apply leather conditioner to retain its original texture. For faux leather hand wash too because they are really tricky using a machine could melt or distort the fabric. For storage allow space so that there would be enough air, also encase the garments in a fabric bag using wide hangers.

3. T-Shirts 

Tee shirts tend to fade out easily if proper care and maintenance is not taken. use cold water to wash instead of warm and hot water as they tend to expand. For storage fold it flat and tuck it in neatly.

4. Knits

We love knits/crochet, at least we have a pair in our closet. Knits easy to wash, you can choose to hand dry or use a washing machine. For storage fold them and store them in drawers as hanging them would mess up their shape.

5. Spandex Clothes/Items

Keep all colored spandex items away from neutrals when washing, always expect a slight shrink once the spandex clothes are dry as they tend to retract like denim. For storage just fold them or hang them either one works just fine.

6. Button Down and Blouses

Pre-treat every stain with a stain removal before washing, for armpit stain use four table spoon of baking soda with a quater cup of water and toothbrush to scrub also  unbutton before washing. For storage iron on a half steam and hang it properly to avoid rumples or wrinkles.

Note: Sort your attire by seasons also find a convenient and good storage options for your clothes this all help in the proper maintenance of your clothes.

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