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Wearing wigs has always and would always remain one of the awesome ways in which we protect our hair when we want to give it a break from time consuming daily maintenance. Wigs can also be used as a way to experiment with new hairstyles too.

Typically there’s a lot you can do with your wigs, however the one problem we all face is loss of edges especially when we are laying out our frontal. Friction can cause hair loss and thinning on people who wear tight meshed or closed knitted wigs. Also not laying your wig properly and taking it off without proper precautions when its a glue-in can make those well nurtured edges disappear as well.

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The Question now is how do you rock your wigs comfortable knowing that when you are ready to take it off your edges would be intact?

YouTube blogger Toni Olaoye has got that part covered, she shows us how to lay and remove your wig safely without causing damages to your edges but before we get into the video here’s a few steps you need to note to get an over-all feel of how to maintain your hair under that wig.

Maintenance tips you should note;

-Make sure the mesh of your wig is below your hairline, don’t exert too much pressure.

-Choose wigs that would allow your hair breath just like those which have nylon netting.

-Keep your hair moisturized under that wig cap, oil your scalp with oils such as almond and jojoba to avoid product build up

-Remember to protein and deep moisturize using conditioning treatment- This is needed every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your hair supple and strong.

Video Tutorial Video:

Source: YouTube | Toni Olaoye

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