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The problem of the ripped jeans ripping more than expected is what we face every time we put it on. Many times they rip because you mistakenly loose a step or when you throw them into the washer (which would make them come out looking like they’ve been in an accident). Wouldn’t it be better to find a solution to curb the ripping ratter than watching your expensive or favorite ripped jeans rip away continuously till it becomes a complete mess and you have to toss it out.

So there are so many ideas floating around on how you can protect your ripped jeans but this two are the best among the lot;

1. Fabric Glue: This glue is useful for a lot of things including the problem you have with your ripped jeans, Here are the steps you should follow to achieve a clean solution.


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  • Turn your jean inside out (always test  cloth product inside out to avoid smear, stains or discoloration).
  • Apply a little on your Q-tip and proceed to apply on the sections close to the rip.
  • RippedJeans-Apply1
  • Once you’ve applied through out the edges at the back end, allow the jeans to dry before turning it over to the other side.
  • Do the same to the edges out front (it would be safer to use a hard board as a wedge in between).
  • If your glue stained the back end please do not apply in front.

2. Sewing: This method requires the use of needle and thread and this is by far the easiest to rich. Simple insert the thread which should be the same shade as the jeans into the needle. Turn your jeans inside out and sew the edges tightly where the rip stops. This should prevent your ripped jeans from ripping for a while.

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