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You would be surprised how many people wish to have thick eyebrows so if you are one of those who have thick eyebrows then you are one lucky sister since there are like a thousand and one women who wish they were you. When we are younger we had stars that we absolutely wanted to look like they didn’t have to be celebrities, take for instance my baby sister tried to shave her eyebrows when she was 5 years old and she did this because she watched me trim my eyebrows regularly, now she did it on her own and somehow got a blank space in between her brows which by the time she gets older would be a course of concern #childhood. This story however happens to quite a number of people, they end up with blank spaces like my little sister or they end of with thinning hair thus it became a bother.


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Eyebrow loss is such a big and real deal and its a fact that your eyebrows are perhaps the best feature of your face because whatever alteration you do to them either enhances your face or makes you look like aliens fro a sci fi movie. So getting thick brows according to eye specialist and esthethician is not a lost cause if you follow the right nightly routine. Here is the recommended step.


  • Apply a mixture of argan oil, castor oil and vitamin E every night using your fingers or a Q-tip, keep on until the next morning.
  • Pay attention to the areas where you no longer grow thick hair.

This trick helps to even out hair and achieve fuller, thicker eyebrows but you have to be persistent because it takes a few months to kick in.

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