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Your eyelashes is important because they frame the eyes and they make your face more beautiful as they draw attention to it so when you find that your eyelashes is thinning or falling out it becomes a bother. Yes I know there are quite a number of artificial solutions to this like false eyelashes and mascara’s but wouldn’t be be nice to have a more permanent solution? Am sure you agree with me so below are some natural remedies to the scarce and sparse eyelash problem;


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1. Castor Oil: We all know how important the castor oil is, the pure and organic castor oil also works to get full lashes so apply with a brush on your eyebrow and eyelashes and go to bed. The oil moisturizes and encourages natural lash growth.

2. Vitamin E: Now the vitamin E is known for treating blemishes but it also helps to provide you with a thick and naturally full eyelashes so simple open up a few tablets and lace the liquid onto your eyelashes.

3. Natural Oils: Natural oils like almond oil, sesame oil, rosehip oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, burdock root oil, olive oil, linen oil and avocado oil helps to thicken and improve the growth of your lashes. Simple use a cotton wool to apply on each eyelash before you sleep, when you wake up rinse off. This helps to improve the growth, moisturize nourish and keep your lashes strong and healthy.

4. Green Tea: Green tea does wonders inside and out and so its no surprise that it is useful to your eyelashes. Make some green tea, allow it to cool down before swiping over your eye-lashes using a cotton wool. The caffeine flavonoids in the lashes help to strengthen the lashes and also grow new ones.

5. Aloe Vera: Just like many natural roots and herbs, Aloe Vera has different functions and this includes making your eyelash grow stronger and better thanks to the available nutrients found in the gel. Simply apply fresh aloe vera gel over your eye-lashes using a very clean mascara wand (do it the way you apply mascara).

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