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It came to my attention that a lot of maids of Honor/Best Man give really horrible toast at weddings which would be what everyone that attended the ceremony would talk about. Many times the toast is bad for the wrong reasons leaving people to ponder on what exactly is going on and in their mind they are like “who is this one” or “ah akoba what’s this one saying”. Anyways the truth is a good speech wouldn’t be remembered but a bad one? it would be captured and remember we are in the digital age where everything not right goes viral next thing you know is you have 10 million views on every social network site and for  while you would become a pariah so lets avoid that by following this simple tricks:


The Toast

Hello World
  • Its a toast not a speech so please make it short 5 minutes maximum anything below 5min is even better.
  • Preparation is key, rehearse or outline key points if you do this your toast would be perfect.
  • You don’t have to be funny if you don’t want to, nobody would beat you, simply give a good toast and be done. But if you are known to be funny well go ahead just remember sincerity is the best.
  • Please, Abeg, Biko, Ejo, Don Allah (me begging in the languages I know) do not be crude because this would not sit well with the bride or groom, remember there is someone videoing this moment.
  • You can tell a story, something funny but catchy and affectionate enough to get people to say Eeeyah (the good kind).
  • Don’t give a toast and talk about yourself (issit your wedding) make sure your toast is focused on the couples and not you.
  • If you have stage fright then simply decline giving a toast because it is better than giving a drunken toast (you might fall of the stage and remember someone or some people are capturing this moment #gbam#viral) and if you feel you can pull it off then a little bit of  alcohol can loosing you up.
  • You can give a copy of your toast and hand it to the couples just for a awwwwn moment.

There are so many things that can happen at a wedding, weddings are unpredictable but if something were to happen when you were giving the wedding toast which one of the following would it be; Lets have some fun take the polls lovelies I want to see the top choice.

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