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Am going to level with you on this one, honestly we all wait for valentine’s day (and any other month of the year that involves gift giving) because we know bea must pull through or he will have it. There’s that special thing we want and we’ve been eyeing it for months now, we’ve had patience because we know with the right nudge we would get it from bea on Saint Valentine’s Day, am I right, yea I know I am…There’s a But, How do you get bea to take the hint? There are several ways you can manipulate or let bea know what you want on Valentine’s day. I’ve created a list below, this would serve as your guide;

Diamonds are a girls best friend, Gold and silver are also welcomed with the rest of the other gemstones other gifts include designer clothes and shoes, swavroski wristwatches and all those other things that attract you, some of you have bea’s that can afford to get you a car well no matter how big or little what you want may be this are the guides you need;

Step 1: Physical Manipulation

The object of this game is to give him what he wants to get what you want, This is easy if you have a roaring time in bed and for pillow talk tell him what you want, casually of course but with a hint of seriousness, let him know how you came across your interest. This is a guaranteed way to get what you want.


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Pls ladies, don’t go jumping into every guys bed in the name of what you want, this is for serious relationships and not one night stand (Shame on you if you do otherwise) moving on;

Step 2: Fierce Communication

Not everyone is courageous enough to effectively carry out step one, but step 2 is much easier, have a conversation with him, let him know what you want, where to get it, you can even slip in the price and if he doesnt have the money at the moment don’t be upset, he would probably save up and surprise you but if he changes the subject quickly he’s either really stingy or not into you in which case just get it yourself.

Step 3: Dropping Hints

This can either work or not because many times men don’t know how to take a hint, most likely this step would be carried out by women who are too shy to ask so a little hint game is on hand. Find a picture of what you want and leave it for him to see, post in on Facebook with  hopes that he might see it, use it as your laptop and phone wall paper, and make sure he see’s it constantly. drop hints in conversations. Hopefully he understands (P.S this way is not guaranteed but you could be lucky).

Step 4: Wish List

A wish list is one of the best idea’s because by giving him this list he know what you want and it would be easier for him to get it before time. Usually this list is to be given months before. At least you are sure to get some items if not all from your list.

Step 5: Honesty

No need to try all the other if you can’t just politely and honestly reveal your desires, tell him about the item that you want without attempting any other manipulative means. Say it lovingly and not sternly and see what it gets you.

Remember not to be unrealistic, you have to crave something bea can afford and not pressure him to go beyond his bounds because its not a good idea for your relationship, be reasonable.

This is how to get your man to buy exactly what you want on valentines day or any other day? Lets’s talk, what do you think, would it work or not and tell us what skills you use, someone might learn from you. Leave your views in the comment box below.

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