Hey Lovelies

Its Friday whoop whoop!!! and its time to get our groove on but we have to be ready and I mean head to toe ready and this includes your eyebrow. Lately I’ve found myself staring at peoples eyebrow what I mean is if am looking at a fellow woman my eyes just somehow diverts to the eyebrows and subconsciously am checking to see if they are on fleek or not, now don’t get me wrong am not being judgmental or anything like that because some people love to keep really full eyebrows and I love those if they look as good as Ty Bello’s but anyways I always appreciate a good looking eyebrows and I cringe at those that look really horrible and trust me when I tell you I see more of those but anyways that’s why I decided this eyebrow tutorial would be good for everyone because whether you like it or not you have to admit the perfect eyebrow makes a huge difference and although there are different techniques this beginners tutorial should suffice.
Just pencil

Hello World

What you’ll need:

  • Remember to trim your eyebrows first
  • Primer (not compulsory)
  • Eyebrow brush
  • Dark brown pencil
  • concealer or foundation
  • flop brush
  • brush

Get in ladies, don’t be lazy lol.

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