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Sometimes we find ourselves with an inrush of hair and in many cases we want to get rid of it but with the many information that we have out there, we don’t even know what the right way is. So am bring you these methods you can use:


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How to get rid of facial hair:

  • Tweezers: Tweezers are an effective and cheaper way to pull out hair the only downside is that its a bit painful and it takes sometime.
  • Depletion: You can deplete your facial hair by using creams or lotions or any product that melts the hair like veet. This solution is cheap and pain free but care must be taken because it might cause buns plus the solution only last for a week.
  • Waxing: This is one of the common solutions when it comes to getting hid of facial hair. The products are not so expensive but it is painful and the solution last for two weeks.
  • Trimming: You can simply trim using a really small trimming scissors this doesn’t last for long either but its not painful if you do it carefully.
  • Shaving: You could simply shave with a razor blade and shaving cream, this is not a solution i advice but then its cheaper faster and less painful.

There are also permanent ways to remove your facial hair like going for a laser treatment, electrolysis, hormone treatment or drugs but am not a fan of any of this except you have those really wild facial/ body hair growth. There are also natural solution to removing facial hair but that would be brought to you next week with the full procedures and recipe for treatment.

How to get rid of facial hair? that’s a question you now have an answer to.

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