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We always try to look our best and dress extremely good when going for weddings. It is usually an avenue to launch that new dress or shoes. And for the single ladies, we know it is a nice place to meet eligible bachelors ranging from the astonishing groom men, friends of the groom or just the male well-wishers. Not limiting it to that alone, you could just meet the perfect matchmaker to connect to that future boo……and we could just get that one opportunity of a date with that special person for life, at weddings anything can happen.


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Here are some ways of get a date at a wedding……

  • Talk to new people: So you don’t want to go to that wedding with the same old friends and make no conscious effort to chat up new people. It doesn’t necessarily have to be potential love interests, it could just be the bride’s cousin, one of the good looking groom men or even the sister of the bride. Everybody always know someone who is single and that person could just be the perfect match.
  • Linger around: Don’t hang around with just the same set of people you know. Move around, sitting or standing in the one place throughout with the same set of people will prevent you from meeting new people
  • Silence your phone: That’s a very crucial one for we ladies, we tend to concentrate on our phones when out with other people around. A constant ringing phone will also distract your attention, put it in your purse for the day.
  • Don’t drink too much: You want to go embarassing yourself drinking too much, all in the name of fun. Endeavour to take it easy on the shots, have fun with not too many shots.

Ladies, thank me later *kisses

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