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The weather is fast changing and the rains are coming along but that still doesn’t affect how bright and hot the sun shines creating increasing the level of humidity. As human beings we need to adjust our clothing and style to accommodate this change. There are obviously smart ways to dress ranging from cotton to loose and light to airy arrays of clothes to help you feel comfortable and breezy when next you step out in the heat of the summer. As always, we got you at Madivas on how to dress this humid weather and still look chic and stylish.

  • Go for breezy: Light clothings can help to make you feel breezy this period. Clothings that will allow breeze to get to your skin are good shots for now.
Breezy sheer lace gown


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  • Opt for lightweight dresses: Cotton summer dresses are perfect wears for this season. You don’t want to go for layers upon layer outfits.
Lightweight Maci dress


  • Keep accessories light and simple: Go for light accessories that wouldn’t cause irritation on your skin when you happen to sweat. Make them simple as much as possible
  • Wear loose pants: Loose pants will help to make feel comfortable with breeze blowing into your skin.
Loose pants


  • Opt for sleeveless top: A good way to ventilate your skin is going for the sleeveless tops and enjoy the breeze.


  • Leave out the dark colours: Opt for bright coloured clothes not the dark colour, to help deflect heat.


  • Try an all white ensemble: White is a good colour for reflecting sun rays, an all white ensemble will keep you fresh thru the day.


Fashion can accommodate any type of weather and humid weather is it now, ladies let’s style appropriately with the weather for comfort. 

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Let’s know your thoughts about these outfit and the weather in the comment box.

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