Hey Lovelies, if you are an artificial nail freak, you would definitely love this ombre nail art because its classy and unique. Whether you refer to it as “gradient nails” or “faded nails”, the reality of the matter is we’ve all fallen in love with this nail art technique and the chic subtle effect that it brings to our manicures.

The Ombre nail art technique is a fairly simple one, though it does require a bit of patience and a gradient selection of nail polishes, that not all of you may have. If that’s your case, remember that white & black nail polishes always come in handy to lighten or darken any shade. You can also use them as a base and achieve the Ombre Nail Art

All you will need is

Basic manicure tools (file, scissors, cuticle remover & co.)

Shinny Top Coat

2-3 color polishes (maybe nude nail polishes with glitter nail polish tips)

Sponge (with at least one flat side)

Plastic sheet/Foil

A cup of water


Q-tips, adhesive band, brush & acetone (clean-up)

Quick drying nail top coat

Ombre Nail Art

Ombre Nail Art

Hello World

Here is a video to put you through the process

cc;nail career educator

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