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I’m convinced quite a number of you get so bored of your usual everyday hairstyle, that sometimes you stand in front of the mirror and play with your hair, hoping to form an awesome yet totally different hairstyle, simply because you are just tired of having a repeated look.

Well, don’t be embarrassed when you do such because if you check the lives of other women, they are not left out in the game. We do it all the time, but how about next time you stand in front of the mirror ask yourself; What do I stand to achieve? I’m sure you’d want to achieve great results, basically giving yourselves a one minute makeover, then trying out a hairstyle like the ponytail.

Ponytails are pretty much a way of life for most of us. Sometimes, it’s great to switch it up and try something new and fresh and that is why we are love throwing our hair up into curly a ponytail, but here comes the main issue; what if you are that 4c  hair naturalista who wants to try out the ponytail hairstyle?


Hello World

Obviously, your ponytail hairstyle would look fuller. You’d even ditch the hair extensions having seen how beautiful and lovely the ponytail would look on you.

The ponytail has always been a staple for summertime, and finding ways to take your pony up a few notches can be hard, especially on that 4c hair. The basic ponytail is about as easy as hairstyles get, but not just any technique works well on the 4c natural hair.

Here’s a video on how to do a sleek ponytail on 4c natural hair;

Source: HairDeLa Creme


Embrace this hairstyle now!

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