Love Handle, sounds familiar? okay. Well, just in case you’re wondering ‘what it is let me help you out. Love handle is that annoying, stubborn excess fat by your waistline, otherwise known as ‘flab’ or belly fat. It usually hangs or slightly bulge from the two sides of your torso. Almost Everyone has it, slim or not, male or female. Well, the most annoying part can be that you’ve tried everything possible to get rid of it, yet nothing seems to work! So, you’d be like, ‘name it, what haven’t I tried, sit-ups, dumbbell side bend, cardio, yet nothing worked. Truth is, you can’t give up just yet. You need to try these amazing and super working tips that we have for you, on how to deal with love handles.


Hello World

Check out this video and follow the steps

See…very easy right? All you need do is follow the steps from the video. Plus, you must have noticed from the video that it is not enough to thoroughly follow the exercise tips, you need to also watch what you eat. That way you do not just workout without result but you also diet to help with the love handles.

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