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The crochet braids was one of the looks that could be spotted on an African american woman during the early 90’s but it reduced drastically since getting long wavy hair fixed was the thing to do at that period. Now with the new emancipation of the love for all things black, women have began to embrace who they are spotting natural hairstyles, braids, Bantu knots and the lot. Crochet braids was not left out, instead a lot of women have developed more love towards the crochet hairstyles because it depicts African and black traditions and it is also a very protective hairstyle.

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With the help of Youtube Vloggers you can find crochet tutorial in every corner, some people use Marley jumbo braids, Marley twist, Havana braids etc all to achieve various looks made with the crochet style. Therefore instead of picking your hair one after the other you can simple have a cornrow made and you are good to go and ready for your crochet fix.

Crochet braids is worth every penny, for those of you who are just joining in on this trend, trust me when I tell you, You’ll have no regrets, First no one is pulling at your scalp unnecessarily (like when you make braids normally), two you are weaving your hair down so when you get the braids out of your hair it wouldn’t be tangling or falling out rather there would be room to grow, so your hair is growing out properly like its supposed to.

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Therefore looking good while still protecting your edges and root is what we all want and the crochet hairstyles guarantee’s that. Below is a video of the correct way to insert a crochet braid from YouTube Vlogger Chic Natural, do this yourself, show your sister, family friend or hairstylist so they can get it done correctly;

Surprised that the crochet braids is simple? Yes it really is very easy and simple and if you are brave enough you can actually try doing it yourself.

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