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We got a hint of an issue that brides do face and decided to pitch in some rescue tips, you have gotten your dress and having a hard time to choose the right dress for your bridesmaids, we know bridesmaids come in different sizes and shapes, this can make it very difficult to fit all of them into the same concept and also almost impossible to get each bridesmaid to get fitted into her own happiness and comfort due to this some planning and coordination is needed. Achieving the right balance can be tricky, and it will take some time and effort. But with a few helpful hints we can make the process less stressful, and a whole lot more fun.

1. CONSIDER THE BRIDESMAIDS THEMSELVES:  While you probably have fairly fixed ideas in mind about the ideal dress for your bridesmaids,tho the final decision is yours, these bridesmaids are your close friends that is  reason you have chosen them to be your bridesmaids, so it’s a good idea to ask your bridesmaids individually how they feel about your choice and to find out if they are any contribution they would like to add. Being positive about their involvement can turn your wedding direction from great to spectacular if you’re willing to listen!

2. THE BUDGET: The issue of budget cannot be over emphasized in choosing your bridesmaids dresses its important you are careful with the cost, make sure it is an amount that can fall into the budget of your bridesmaids.  Limit your choices to a price range that is suitable for everyone in your wedding party. You don’t want to embarrass one of your closest friends by forcing them to bow out because they can’t afford the elaborate gown you have chosen for them. If one of your friends finds it difficult to cover the cost of their bridesmaid dress, discreetly offer to pay some, or all, of the cost yourself.

3. MATCHING THE THEME: If you have decided on a theme for your wedding that includes a specific color, your bridesmaid dresses should reflect this. In many ways, having a specific color theme for your wedding will make choosing your bridesmaid’s attire that much easier, as certain color combinations will automatically be excluded. While the ultimate decision is yours, involve your bridesmaids in the selection process, and let them choose shades that best suit their own styles and complexions. Different shades and colors can be pulled together using the bridesmaid’s bouquets to create the desired effect on the big day.

4. STYLE AND CUT: You have chosen your wedding color, it is time to decide on the style and cut, this is another area the bridesmaids might want to get involved in. Every woman’s body shape is different, and what flatters one may not suit another. What often works is to choose a designer that can make a particular dress in different , and let your bridesmaids pick the cut that most flatters their body type. This allows you to have the coordinated look you desire for your wedding party, while giving your bridesmaids some control over their own appearance.

5. HAVE FUN: hole process is over to say a thank you to your bridesmaids for the support.


Purple long wedding dress

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Black and white fish net gown

peach long dress

lemon mono-strap long gown

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