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I am positive that there isn’t anyone in this World without friends, even for people that say I don’t have friends, there are people who consider you as a friend so it’s left to you to decide if you are friends with them. Most importantly, as a lady there comes a time that you are needed as a bridesmaid and you just can’t say no to your pal asking you to play a very important role in one of the most incredible moments in her life. Bridesmaid is far more than dressing up and standing in line. It is one special role with its own do’s and don’ts. So whether you are a first-timer or seasoned veteran, these few tips on how to be the perfect bridesmaid can just surprise you. Keep scrolling to know just how to be the perfect bridesmaid

  • Be part of the planning process: Talking and spending time with the bride is one way of showing your support. Helping with wedding plans decisions can go a long way.
  • Be frank and honest with the Bride: Most of the planning time, the Bride will be overwhelmed and maybe confused and seeks your  opinion on a decision, you are one of the people that know her best, tell her the truth and be frank about it.
  • Make it about her: Even in all the wedding madness, you might end up thinking about your own big day but remember this particular big day is about her and make it all about her alone.

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  • Be-friend the other bridesmaids: A girl squad can be a mixture of childhood friends, college mates or even workplace colleagues. You don’t know them, befriend them and build a relationship with anyone you haven’t met before so as not to upset the bride.
  •  Get to know the Groom men: You will be spending a lot of time and make a point to reach and build “friendship” with the guys – keyword friendship, save any dramatic relationship for after the big day.


  •  Remember it’s more than a party: You are here to help, so be responsible and coordinate with the bride and planners to assist with loose ends.
  • Help her loosen up: With so much planning and stress, the bride needs to be de-stress on her big day. Help her loosen up by cracking jokes, dancing or playing her favorite song and let her enjoy her day.


What are your thoughts on these perfect bridesmaid tips? Which of these tips works for you? Rate yourselves ladies and share with us in the comment box. 

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