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You see so many really cool chic women and you just wonder how they look so polished and together with their outfits. These women aren’t superhuman….they are just like you and me.  It isn’t about a total wardrobe full of clothes or lots of cash to buy the latest trends but they just know how to deal on a daily basis to be that stylish and here are some helpful habits to looking polished and cool a daily reality.

Stylish fashionista

Stylish fashionista

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  • Plan your outfit a night before: If you want that chic look and you’ve got to plan it. Pulling out that outfit a night before will save you from running around in a rush the next morning.
    Outfit layout

    Outfit layout

  • Select the right underwears: As ladies, we know the foundation of a great outfit is good underwears. Plan your look with the right panties, bra and shapewear to ensure there isn’t a slip show in the office or date.
  • Follow other stylish women for inspiration: The easy way to get inspired is scrolling through blogs (, Madivamag on instagram *winks) to get outfit ideas for your daily looks.
  • Dress for the weather and occasion: Check the weather to decide the right type of fibre of clothings. Remember to dress right for any occasion considering the type, place of event and the people you’ll see.
  • Pick the right accessories: Ensure that your outfit is rightly accessorized, not too much and not too less. Your outfit will determine what kind of accessory to use.

I hope I’ve been helpful in making you stylish fashionista you desire. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment box *XOXO

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