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Wedding are always happy moments. As you love to play dress up with weddings so also you have responsibilities as a guest. Everybody has role to play for that someone’s big day and that includes you as a guest. I’m so sure you aren’t aware of this fact but don’t worry, we are always here to highlight you on it. Here are some easy guide on how to be a great wedding guest.

Wedding guests

Wedding guests

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  • The Gift: Whether you’ve decided to go or not, it is very polite to get a gift for the newlyweds. You send it to them or just lug it along to the reception. Wedding gifts are totally dependent on what you seem appropriate for the couple, be it cash or appliances for their new home…a gift is a gift.
  •  Dress appropriately: Dress like you would for any social event considering the season and venue of the wedding. Don’t dress too flashy and you don’t want to show too much skin, it ain’t a party. It’s the couple’s big day so you don’t want to take all the attention away from them.
  •  The Ceremony: You should endeavour to get to the ceremony on time. You are a honoured guest so dutching the ceremony for the reception doesn’t really sound well.
  • The Reception: We all know this is where to get down to the party and food time. You shouldn’t complain about how things are being done, it is not your day and the couple planned it just the way they like. Remember because it is free booze doesn’t mean you take too much, moderation is a better option.

So Divas, to be the perfect wedding guest involves you playing your roles. I hope with this guide you will be able to function in your role as a perfect wedding guest *XOXO

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