Naturally there are some kind of wardrobe that would attract the wrong types of stares and that’s not the kind of wardrobe options we need to share here. While we are aware that this is not the era of wearing cloaks and sandals, we know that what wouldn’t have people staring at us strangely has to be elegantly styled. Like I always say, church outfit ideas are modest and conservative – there is no excess showing of skin when it comes to dressing to church or dressing as a christian in general.

Here’s a few general tips that would guide you when next you want to pick out an outfit for church…

  • A church is not the place to flaunt your long legs, its a place of worship so the best thing to do is make sure you are showing little amount of skin. If you find yourself dragging down your skirt at every turn then you know you are not wearing the right length.
  • Still on the skin; wearing clothes like mesh and overly transparent sheer pieces, tube tops etc are a no.
  • Take into account which church you are attending so that you don’t wear what would cause the congregation to gasp because its not something that is a part of their ‘church’ dress code.

The trick for an approach of a fresh insight for your church outfit is to take a look at this styles…


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Just to be clear, church dressing has rules and this rules have to be followed as far as dressing to church is concerned. Go forth and be inspired!

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