I am a nail freak and I can go to any length to get my nails done perfectly well. I have noticed that apart from the facial makeup, another thing that some men do admire most is neat nails and I try as much as possible to look neat in all aspect. Sometimes, you don’t even need to spend a lot before getting the nails done, you can just buy all the necessary kits and get it done yourself. I have shared some simple procedures in the past and I hope it has been helpful.

If you aren’t the artificial nails design freak, you can as well design your natural nails. Just try to keep it clean and healthy always.

Today’s nail tutorial is about three different types of nails, the first is a pink fluffy nail design, the second one is black-pink fluffy and the third one is called standard fluffy nails.

The instruments needed for the designs include…

  • Pick flocking powder
  • Tweezer
  • Brush
  • Hardner
  • Pink and Black paints

Scroll down to watch the tutorial video…

Nail Designs

Nail Designs

Hello World

cc: Professional DQ

Artificial nails are always fitting especially when properly done by experts but do not over do it because you might not have an healthy natural nails no matter the treatments. Try to give your natural nails some breathing space some times.

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