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It’s no longer news that top fashion brands are targeting children to get them hooked on designer labels. Besides, parents are paying thousands for designer dresses. We equally know about how every kid wants to rock a cartoon character outfit. Well,  some of the world’s biggest fashion houses are creating these kiddies designers as a way of attracting future customers. They also go as far as shrinking their adult ranges to try to get children hooked on their designs at an early age.

A lot of the fashion houses have recognized that their best way of developing their customer of the future is to get them early, as the saying goes; “Catch them young”. Despite all these, not every parent can afford these kiddies outfits as the prices have not reduced with the sizes.

Although this trend has been criticized, with some saying that dressing children in designer clothes can change the way they view the world by encouraging them to prize material goods above everything else, still the patronage of designer outfits by the rich is still on the high side, despite the increase in dollar.

In a way, dressing cutely gives the child a great sense of pride. This automatically turns them into mini-fashion coaches; you find lovely kids appearing on Instagram, making their parents very proud. So do you know what mini-fashion coaches’ outfits really look like? They are as follows;

Baby Lyric

Hello World





Never allow the status of your children drop by the clothes they wear. Instead, enhance them and make them the mini-fashion coaches to other kids!

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