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Let’s face reality here; it is actually very rare to meet a woman who is completely satisfied with her body shape, as most of us have particular areas of ourselves the society considers a no-show zone. Funny enough, you still see some ladies who are really close to perfection. Well, I just stated it; “close to perfection” and not perfect who has this same insecurity.

On the men’s side, even one of the top world celebrities, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the great body builder once confessed to the world that he doesn’t like every part of his body. This is someone every man aspires to be like. Life is so funny you’d say, but there are clever ways of dressing up to cover up those parts you don’t really want to expose. The truth is, no matter how you try to hide some parts of your body as a full-figured woman, you must always bear in mind that the excuses have run out.

It is actually very possible to rock a short dress regardless of what size you are. You can rock a short dress at any size as long as you do it right. After all, plus-size only means that you have more beautiful curves to work with and there is a lot you can do with a curvaceous body.

A full-figured chic can bring the world down with the right dress and some heels. Here’s how the full-figured can rock the short dress like a star;

Style 1

Hello World

Style 2

Style 3

Style 4

Style 5

Style 6

Remember to think good thoughts about yourself because your thoughts control a lot. Love all your curves because you are beautiful and remember, many people get surgery to look like you. Be proud!

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