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Have you ever figured you might be one of those people that are annoying on social media? Am sure you haven’t. Somehow we might be annoying on social media and not know it, but it so happens that we might know it and just don’t care, if this is the case please resist that demon that whispers be annoying on social media this year, your resolution (yes because we are still making them) is to be less annoying on social media.


Hello World

So here’s the strategy, every time you want to post anything on social media, you need to ask yourself the following questions if your answer is yes then you need to think about what prompted you to make the decision of putting up a picture that shows your nephew drooling on the couch in the first place. Don’t worry thank me later… Lets get started;

  • Have I added too many hashtag to this post?
  • Have I added #slay#onfleek to this post even though it doesn’t relate to the post?
  • Is #mybeaisthesweetestguyeveramsolucky really required?
  • Is this picture hazy, like can you even see it clearly?
  • Is this post seeking attention for attention sake?
  • Have I used too many catchphrases?
  • Will this joke be funny to anyone asides from me and toke?
  • Is this selfie really remarkable that the world has to see, is it entirely different from the rest that are currently flooding my page or does it just blend in the lot?
  • Would I or my future children look back at this post and be embarrassed?
  • Is the filter too dark or grainy? Is the flash way too bright?
  • Is this post boring? Is it even relevant?
  • Can my post be upsetting to other people?
  • Is this post relevant? Have I posted a similar scene before?
  • Have I used too many emoji’s? Do I know the essence of emoji’s?

This is an idea of how not to be annoying on social media, go through the list of questions one more time #revise lol was that even necessary.

What do you think guys, are there other annoying characteristic that you hate on social media? What are they? I would love to know, leave your reply in the comment box below.

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