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We all know weddings can be expensive, not only to the bride and groom or to their families, it can also be expensive to you as a guest. You are wondering how that’s possible…let me explain it. Travelling down to a new place for a wedding coupled with the hotel fees, what about having to get a new dress or shoes or maybe new accessories. And not forgetting the wedding gift, just to wish the couple a smooth journey of life. All these things incur money cost.


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Whatever the wedding gift you decide to get, be it small or large, money is involved. Ranging from household appliances to cash or Cheque can serve as wedding gifts. You may want to get wedding gifts that will serve as a reminder of your love for the couple whenever they see it and for some, you want a wedding gift to last a lifetime for the couple, so how much should you really spend on a wedding gift? The answer to that question depends absolutely to the level of relationship you have with the newlyweds. It all boils down to the level of closeness you have with the couple or their families. This strong determinant has the ability to predict the kind of wedding gift you give at each wedding you attend ranging from your best friend or sister to a distant extended family relation.

Whatever the amount of wedding gift you decide to buy…its the thought that really matters.

Divas, weddings are fast becoming a regular thing, how much can you spend on a wedding gift and will you get as wedding gift? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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