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Whether we are lazy or not we must first understand that our natural hair cannot grow overnight, there’s no magic that would make it grow more than a few inches in a month, lets just get that clear- you most certainly can’t wake up in the morning with a full head of hair except by magic which only exist in harry porter.

However, while we’ve established that hair grows a couple of inches in a month, it wouldn’t grow as much if we don’t even attempt to care for it. Being a naturalista isn’t easy and its one that comes with putting a lot of time and effort into your look as well as visiting the salon once in a week. Of cause this is the main thing to do but we typically do not do it, no time for co-washing, or putting your hair in a deep conditioner etc

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Well, instead of feeling guilty about not having enough time to take care of your hair, why not watch the video below. Thankfully blogger Efik Zara of Zara and Nicola is a total lazy naturalista and we love this fact because we can relate. Zara shares a couple of tips with us and trust me ladies, you would find this totally useful, watch the video below;

Source: YouTube – Zara & Nicola / Efik Zara 

This tips prove that you don’t have to go all out when it comes to your hair, you can totally grow your hair without excessive product application etc.

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