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Part of your morning ritual includes, brushing your teeth. It is of the utmost importance that you should brush your teeth everyday. Brushing your teeth forms an extremely important aspect of your over all hygiene and its only right since neglecting this aspect can only lead to disaster. Using water while brushing your teeth helps to add freshness but should you use cold, warm or hot water?

There has been a debate on whether or not you should brush your teeth with cold, hot or warm water. In truth many dentist have agreed that water temperature doesn’t really matter in generally except in special cases. Some dentist attribute the common use of cold water as something we have made a habit of due to the fact that cold water is considered refreshing but many agree that it really doesn’t matter.


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A spokesman for the dental Association once told The New York Times ““If I can get someone to brush their teeth, I don’t care what the water temperature is, as long as they don’t scald themselves.” He also went ahead to say water that’s too warm may soften the bristles on your tooth brush

This goes to show that the important factor about keeping your teeth strong and healthy has to do with what you chew and not what temperature of water you use for your teeth (except in special cases). So remember the care of your teeth is really important, so make sure to brush twice everyday, whether you use cold, room temperature or warm water.

What do you think of this, do you have a reason to disbelieve this research? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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