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I love the Ankara fabric, I mean its the best fabric and I know you all agree with me. The Ankara is just too perfect, good for our native wear and good for casual wear. The Ankara is Africa’s choice fabric, every true African and even those on the islands have at least one good piece of Ankara clothing’s, whether as a dress or a scarf etc.

The reason why the Ankara has this much love is because it’s a deep part of who we are as a people, to forget the Ankara is like forgetting yourself and we know you can’t forget yourself.

At the very beginning the Ankara fabric was mostly used as aso ebi; family cloth that was shared among immediate and extended families when they had a celebration. While the Ankara is mostly worn as a daily outfit either as a work attire or a casual wear now, many people still choose it as their “aso ebi”.

We’ve seen that the African print fabric can be used to create different amazing and hot styles. We’ve decided that you need to see these Ankara aso ebi styles, these looks are suggestions for when next you have a wedding to attend and you have to sew an Ankara aso ebi style.

Enough talk, now its time to show you the hottest Ankara aso ebi styles that you need to see, check them out below;


Hello World


Kream Dinah


Cheey Zaram




Layole Oyatogun

Lily Afe

Lily Afe




Ronke Tiamiyu

Ankara aso ebi style

There’s definitely something for everyone right here and I hope that you find these Ankara aso ebi styles fabulous like I did.

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