Believe me when I say I love what I do. And also believe me when I tell you how difficult it can be to get a Perfect picture. Are you one to wonder how your favorite bloggers gets all those wonderful pictures, even whiles on vacation, well sit tight as I share with you some of my experience. Before any trip ( local or international) I try to plan all my outfits as best as I can. The girly side in me even map it down to little details as to how to pose in my pictures lol. We all do that. This is when it gets interesting, I tend to forget one thing. Who will take my pictures? This is when my friends and family starts to surfer. They do a great job though if I say so myself. As many of you might not know I am a very shy person, which is a very contradicting situation as I chose to be a fashion blogger which requires me coming out off my comfort zone. . I guess my passion overcomes my shyness. 

Hello World

Everyone has an idea of what they want to do. Not realizing how costly it will be. Since blogging I have realized you must invest a great deal, eight in a photographer, a good camera or a phone with a great camera.So with this few things in hand, now we look for a perfect outfit for the perfect location. ( some locations can’t be planned you just go with the moment) Now let’s get the ball rolling. 

At most time if you’re doing only one look then you’re fine.( maybe out with friends and decide to capture the moment) But if you’re doing more than one look that’s when the challenges begin. I remember one particular shoot Where I changed my outfit In a restaurant bathroom which sounds perfectly normal until you see the actual size of the bathroom. ( how I managed that I wonder) Let’s just say I was made up with what we accomplished. Now my main problem was managing the second look. So I look to my friend and I asked her how are we going to change for the second outfit and she said nothing so I got the idea to change in our Uber drive to our next location. (Bare in mind I am in a foreign country so definitely out my norm.) Don’t worry the driver did not realize I  until I got out the Uber.

With all this little challenges I face, it only pushes me more to go for what I believe in. If I say so myself blogging abroad is so much easier to do. So much crafts and locations to work with  and please let’s not talk about the access to clothes. It’s much easier to follow your passion where as back in Ghana it’s a bit more difficult. Standing on the street of London and taking pictures was so refreshing, nobody sees you or cares as to what you’re doing and when they do care they give you the support that you  did not know was needed. Little things as standing clear of your way to take your pictures or being able to walk into a restaurant to take a pictures without needing to make a purchase.( To get the clearance) Don’t get me wrong, some places in Ghana are accepting to all this but just not as much.

Honestly speaking it doesn’t matter where I am. I’m going to continue to do my best. Crazy thing is  talking about my challenges only makes me realize that’s what motivates me. Friends who often take my pictures always ask one thing. Is this what you mostly go through? And my answer is a big fat YEP!!! WHAT ARE YOUR PHOTO CHALLENGES?

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