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Being from a broken home has a negative stigma of lack of morals, values needed to sustain a reasonable life talk less of a marriage, most people look down on anyone that is from a broken home because they feel it will have an impact in your future relationship without understanding that what happens to anyone does not define who they are but how well they rise after falling. Having a blissful marriage goes beyond what family we are raised from, it is about who we choose to be with.


Hello World

Good day my name is Bukola. Pls I’ll like to seek an advice from u about my relationship.
I started dating my boyfriend Dec 16 2015 which is my birthday date. He and my ex boyfriend are very good friends I broke up with my ex boyfriend to date him because I found out that my ex only wanted to use and dump me but thanks God all thru d 3weeks of our relationship we never had $3x, so when I found out I broke up with him though they both asked me out at d same time. Afterward I broke up with my ex (adewunmi) to date his friend(ayobami). We really love each other so much and we don’t hid things from each other. But just last month he said something about his dad telling him not to marry a lady from a broken home, which is the truth I’m from a broken home and he is also from a broken home. That got me pissed off but he said that won’t stop him from loving and marrying me. But before he said told me this he use once told me that his dad told him his mother doesn’t want anything good for him that she is a witch which he(ayobami) believed. I was angry with him that how could he believe such a thing, he said he knows his mother than I do. Now I’m scared no lady will ever want to marry a man whose mother-in-law is a witch and who knows the consequences of what his dad told him about not to marry a lady from a broken home, I’m pissed off right now d feelings are no longer there but he still love me which I am not anymore and I don’t wanna break his heart cause he has helped me in so many ways. Please tell me what do I do.

Dear Troubled

Children from broken homes have one way or the other learnt a lesson and can never let their home be broken because they wouldn’t want their children to go through what they went through. Your relationship was complicated from the start, going out with two friends in a very short interval is unethical, you never can tell if this person loves you or is just a set up by both friends.

The family you were raised from shouldn’t determine your love life and your partner is also from a broken home so he should know what it feels like to come from a broken home, his father might just be saying negative things about his mother to keep him away from her but that shouldn’t come between you two. If the feelings is no more there, let him know because no one should decide who you should spend the rest of your life with so you don’t make the mistake your parents made.

Hey darling, this sister is in desperate need of your advice, please help her out.                           

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