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All relationships experience ups and downs, and this variation happens even in healthy relationships but when things seems to be more down than up in your relationship, you may start to think something more serious is going on. But once you get real and want to take your relationship to the next level then you need to consider your relationship for what it is and all that it isn’t because there are some issues that are just too serious to ignore.


Hello World


pls,help keep my identity a secret,I beg u post this cuz its a matter of sanity and insanity.am almost loosing my mind.I need advice and will be waiting to read comments..am 23 and my man is 35.I’ve bin in a relationship with my man for a year and three months now.he proposed since last year and came for introduction early this year.everything was moving really well until recently, I just graduated from the university and am to concentrate and plan my wedding with the man of my dreams but unfortunately ,am noticing some withdrawal in his affection and care towards me.his really pushing for the marriage even more than I am,which makes me more scared if things will get worse wen we get married.this is the same person that used to be all romantic and $3xualy active.. Now things are changing hands.am not too much of a demanding person but this period his acting like I don’t matter and his planning things without my opinion for the wedding.and doesn’t really give me money for upkeep unless I ask.in fact he now tels me to tel him d things I need the money for,that he’ll get them for me.I don’t understand…he hardly touches me too.am really scared and I dunno if this is a sign…I’ve comitted everything to God in prayers severally but am dying in silence and I feel sick and hurt inside.am still young and I don’t want to go into an unhappy marriage.its not too late to back out so I need ur honest advice becos they are thinking of setting the wedding for 26th of November.

Dear Worried,

You get to know more about your partner, his excesses and good sides during courtship, and it is the best time to adapt to his little flaws or try moulding him to the person you want. But when you get real about your relationship and decide to take it further, you need to consider it for all that it is and all that it isn’t because there are some issues that are just too serious to be ignored.

Your partner is showing some signs which you need to address before going on with the marriage, but first you need to find out why he is acting up, there might be some thing’s he is not telling you which you need to find out. If after all this you noticed it is his personality, then you need to have a rethink.

Hey darling this sister is in need of your advice, please help her out.

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