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I don’t seem to understand why some people still choose to stay in an abusive relationship. It is not how far but how well, if he treats you like a queen while dating, he will still treat you like one in marriage. Though some men pretend a lot but after a few months of dating you should be able to detect and figure out if he’s pretending or not. Put him through several tests, provoke him to see how he handles provocation. A friend was telling me a while back that she can’t check or go through her fiancee’s phone, I told her if he’s not allowing you to know everything about him now that simply means he has some secrets to hide from you and you need to be watchful. To me I think once he has proposed marriage, he should never hide anything whatsoever. Anyway read today’s story and share you thoughts below.


Hello World


Dear Amaka

His cheating on me and also using me,we have been dating for 6years now but he has never provide for me or even taken care of me, at the same time his treating me badly, I need your advice because am very confused now and his my first love

Dear Worried Babe,

I quiet understand your plight and I would like to advise that you open up to him about the issues bothering you in the relationship. Discuss this with him in a polite manner. Tell him you don’t like the way he treats you and no matter how small the gift maybe he should always give you. You shouldn’t forget to reciprocate as well. But if he’s not willing to change, then you leave him asap, time waits for none. In all I wish you the best.

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